Saturday, July 28, 2018

Great ! Day Get away !

Hubby surprised me yesterday and stayed home to take me out for the day. We went to The Garden of the Gods at Shawnee Park ,Illinois. Then went right down the road to Cave in Rock park. These have great hiking areas and pretty doesn't even touch how it looked. Then we took the ferry into Kentucky to hit Lamberts throw the rolls, in Missouri. Hope you enjoy! and by the way this day was free. No charges for any of it, all you need to pay is your gas, and food. We always take a ice chest full of drinks and sandwiches for the day. Then enjoy a nice meal at the end. But if you fill your ice chest with goodies, all you got is to pay for your gas. I will add that small kids would be hard to take to the rocks. Nothing is fenced or manned. You can go all over the rocks and lots of drop offs.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Grandkids and summer fun!!

     Summer fun on the farm is fishing, riding 4-wheelers in the fields and spending time with grandma and papaw. Love the grand kids, and summer. This is my first summer being retired so I got to spend more time with the boy kiddos this summer. We went to the fire tower, the park, paddle boating, just loved my time with them..

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Garden? Oh! You mean my weed garden?

  Does anyone know a recipe for cooked ragweed, or wild carrots. How about those darn weeds with thorns? To write with all sadness, my garden has become a full, luscious sea of green weeds. I do have hope in my maters and maybe my taters. Corn is being used for a climbing wall for the morning glories. I have been gone more than expected with family doctor appointments and hospital stays. I thought maybe I could clear it but they are pretty much waist high. I thought of spraying it but don't want to put junk in my soil. So I took and cleared a 6 foot path, replanted my green beans and really hope I get some. I didn't want to just give up. Any weeding advice will be greatly appreciated.
       I got back on facebook afew days back. I will see how it goes. I'm adding this blog there. I hope my family will enjoy it. Please enjoy your gardens, as I try to bring mine back to life, maybe.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

What a few weeks bring!!

   It's been a whirlwind around the farm. New calves are being born, needing banded and tagged, plus fences to mend and loading shoots, head gates and garden to be put in .

I got my first strawberry. New plants so the rest of the flowers and berries have been removed so the roots can grow.
2 weeks ago my garden looked like this.

Today my cabbage is doing great, Beans and onions are up along with corn. The  berries are starting to show on my raspberry plants and the blackberries are thriving also. Now just to keep ahead of the birds.

Hubby has been fixing the head gate, and widening the shoot. Been very busy!!!

 But above all is my brother in law, from now on I will call him brother D, I have been in this family for 43 years, he is a brother. He has Multiple Myeloma. His had stem cell harvesting this past week and did great. We go back along with his mother and sister to be there on Tues for the stem cell infusion. It will be a long road. 21 days in the hospital. We are taking turns staying with him, so prayers would be wonderful during this, for Him. D is a very special young guy of 64. Nurses love him, but who couldn't. He has a heart of gold and loves everyone. In his world everything is always good. This he really something he doesn't understand, but we will help him all we can. Thank you.
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