Saturday, May 19, 2018

What a few weeks bring!!

   It's been a whirlwind around the farm. New calves are being born, needing banded and tagged, plus fences to mend and loading shoots, head gates and garden to be put in .

I got my first strawberry. New plants so the rest of the flowers and berries have been removed so the roots can grow.
2 weeks ago my garden looked like this.

Today my cabbage is doing great, Beans and onions are up along with corn. The  berries are starting to show on my raspberry plants and the blackberries are thriving also. Now just to keep ahead of the birds.

Hubby has been fixing the head gate, and widening the shoot. Been very busy!!!

 But above all is my brother in law, from now on I will call him brother D, I have been in this family for 43 years, he is a brother. He has Multiple Myeloma. His had stem cell harvesting this past week and did great. We go back along with his mother and sister to be there on Tues for the stem cell infusion. It will be a long road. 21 days in the hospital. We are taking turns staying with him, so prayers would be wonderful during this, for Him. D is a very special young guy of 64. Nurses love him, but who couldn't. He has a heart of gold and loves everyone. In his world everything is always good. This he really something he doesn't understand, but we will help him all we can. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

80's and a good breeze.

  With me that means, sheets blowing in the wind, tea made and 4 new plants in the ground as the washer was going.

        I had replanted my lilac bush. I really hated moving it but had to because of cleaning off the bank. I put a few new starts by my window so I could smell them in bloom and remember all the times we played under them at grandma Helen's. To turn back the clock, if even for a little while. My hope is that one day my grandchildren will play under them. We would have a blast hiding from grandma!!!!!!
        well off to mow the yard
Have a very good day!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 1st, so many hopes and dreams !

    Like so many folks April was cool and rainy. We did get some things almost finished.  Really hoping that May will be a planting month for everyone.
 The electric fence still needs put up, but then we are done.
 The hotbed was put into place, now to fill it with compost. It sets 
a long the fence nestled in the strawberries. I will lay stepping stones about, to use.

 and I can't get it done without Rinny. She has to smell everything. When I did she digs, lol.

We are changing the yard, seems like every few years we need a change. I always laugh and say it's because we traveled so much in the military. We like change. This time it was moved because of the tree on the hill beside it. That's a walnut tree and because of the nuts falling right on the hillside some stay put where they land. We are getting older and to think ahead, we moved them. Trips and falls we don't need.
So now the hill side is clear, easier to mow and safer for us.
I sure hope everyone has a wonderful day. Get out and enjoy the warmth and sunshine today,

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Oh, but a blur !

This morning I was telling hubby good- bye in the driveway and took a quick pic of the sunrise....sad I didn't look at it until now. If I had took the time to redo it, then I think I would of lost the message of it. Not all things seen are clear, but all things can be beautiful. So I show it, blurred as it can be, but the colors still show on. Gods grace is the same, He sees the beauty in our blurred life! Trusting in Him always.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A real Dog day afternoon

This is Jag, when he was learning how to keep his ears up,lol
 This is Jag now on his first birthday. He is a well loved fur baby. Who waited on mommy to say ok. before he dug into his cake.

He got a doggie cake , made from his grandma Sherry. There was a party and grilling done, with goodies. He had fun with family.
 Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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