Saturday, April 10, 2021

The last one hatched!

           Last 23 days I've been playing mama to 24 eggs. Setting up watch to listen to and looking for those small little peep holes. 

To Raise Chicks With Attitudes !!

           No joke look at that face !!! Roo I bet !!!!

           The garden , well let me say that the garden will need more time.  A storm decided to go through and that stopped the taters going in. I tell myself to stay calm it's still early. So the fun will be getting everything in ground, so that in a few months jars will be in the canner, the dehydrator will be singing as the pressure gage sings it's lead. Have a great day!!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

   Happy Easter !
                All things change but Christ never does! Thank you Jesus, let us all remember the reason for this season.
                  Here on the farm, chickens are hatching, cattle are birthing and gardens are going in. We have been working on some up grades with the farm. I've watch my mother in law the last few years, 93 this year, try to do her blackberries and persimmons. When things were planted the thought of how far away they were was never a question. She doesn't want to stop doing the things she loves. I know I won't either. So changes must happen.
                  The kids have grown and have started helping us. We enjoy and want them to make it theirs someday. I pray the farm gives each one joy. This is short but time to move on, God Bless you all!
Setting up house
                                                                       New chicks on the way

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The way we remember

Our tree is up, all in bloom. My favorite angels, I got over 20yrs ago when my life changed so much. My hubbies ole bat and glove. The old truck and pull toys he had played with and some of the ole toys are kids played with also. The riding toy Donald made for Shannon who is gone but never forgotten. I wish I had saved those special ones over the kids years. This is the best I can do. The wood name plates Kaydy and I did have all our family. Lydia had to be made this year, name on front birthday on back. The Santa ladder, Donald's dad and mom made for us years ago. Notice the ole pull toy and bubble gum popper, people today would have a field day with the way they were made back then. Yet no one was hurt by them. The tree reminds me of family, and the love of them and peace on earth we should all feel. Please show your tree and what it means to you.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Busy Monday

   Coming out of the weekend, I have been very busy. I do laundry on Mondays. I always wash bedclothes first so I can hang them on the line. It was to rain this afternoon so I got started early. Towels and whites also went on the line. I didn't think to get pictures but I did when I took the rugs out to beat them. We have a lot of sand on the farm so it is easily brought in. Number 1 reason everyone takes their shoes off when they come in.

 As I was doing laundry I got the kitchen cleaned from the weekend. Don't know about you, but Hubby likes me hanging around him when he is home. I'm glad He does and I do every time I can. 

All clean and the floor mopped. Now enjoying laundry done and put away and back on the bed, I can catch up a little on my blog. .

The tree has been up a week now. Funny how the grand kids love to play with the old toys from the past. My hubby's bat and glove, a old general lee car from the dukes of hazard days. The red ladder and Santa my father in law made me when we got married long ago. There is a old pull toy and bubble gum popper. My daughter help make the wooden name signs on the tree. We had to add a new one this year, for Lydia. What's on your tree? Have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 26, 2018

What a great weekend!

I didn't get to see everyone I wanted, but I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had our niece and her family come and stay a few days. We had family dinner at my brothers, with his family. All my kids and family came. It was so much fun! 

 Covered bridge near us.

Should of seen them trying to get me down. Not funny to me but they got a kick out of it,lol.

Donald showing Jacob how the woodsplitter works.

We got our small tree put up. I decided this year instead of putting presents under it, I went and found the kids old toys, my husbands bat and glove, the old riding toy hubby made for his niece before she passed. I picked out toys all my children and grandchildren played with. I love my tree, memories!

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