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   Sitting in my favorite chair, with my cup of coffee. It being Sunday, I'll be getting the guys up for breakfast soon. Then getting ready for Sunday service at church. I love Sundays, slower pace {most the time}. I was just thinking how much time I have wasted, being in such a hurry. I have been running around here as they say {Like a chicken with their head cut off}. Well. I'm not going to any longer, I'm taking back my quiet time, rest time and just my piece of mind. Believe me! Everyone will be happier that I do, lol.       I still need to plan, a lot. David takes a while to get out the door. His morning routine takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours everyday. He (We) got great news this week His cancer, hasn't gotten any worse! His giant just wakes up from time to time and rolls over and snores. He is in a remission, as sorts. The cancer is still in his bones but under control. The meds, have to stop because they are hurting him. He has been on them longer then he should ha

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