Thursday, April 21, 2011

gleaning for spring

     I know some of you have already done this but I am just simply slow this year. I'm taking one room at a time and as they say making it mine. Cleaning windows, curtains and such. Putting away or donating things I've out grown . Making my house our home. I have so my plans this year that I'm almost afraid to list them in fear that I won't get the done and the shame is more then I could handle, lol
   I met a lady a few weeks back that is teaching me how to make soap, beeswax candles and to put up my own teas. I think that one excites me more than any other. I want to be able to make, raise or store my own on all I can.
   I 've been visiting blogs and learning all I can from people who like me want to come more reliant on themselfs . I'm not a gloom and doom person God knows the time and place for my life to end and in Him I will put my trust, so while here on earth I will do the best i can with what He has intrusted me to handle. I do hope everyone has a wonderful day and if your reading this I thank you for your visit.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog. We thought the stones were the strangest thing. They look cool though. We raise Irish Dexters. We have on pure bred Angus that is bred to a Dexter Bull so we can't wait to see how her baby looks. I wrote about her in a previous blog. How many do you have? Great post and blog site. God bless

  3. Thank you, we have around 30 angus. I love Dexters, Hubby was raised with angus one of those {once a ford man always a ford man) once an angus always an angus guy. LOL I do like blogging it's just hard finding people, I had belonged to a homestead blog where I wrote all the time, but here it's slow starting, but I;m staying and giving it a try.


Thank you for your visit, I hope you come back often. From my blog to yours God Bless You.