Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Morning storm, mushroom hunting

   Winds are blowing and lighting is flashing, I'm about to head out for work and would like for it to stop, if I had any pull, lol  hubby and I got the poles in place to stake my blackberry vines, all 15 lived so I am now in the blackberry business. Fresh jelly and pies and a few dumplings are on the way. As for this year I now have 2 cherry trees( berries are very sweet) 15 blackberries, strawberry patch about a 8x10 and growing, 2 rhubarb plants, 2 persimmon trees, 1 pecan got nuts off it last year still small though, 3 black walnut, and 2 hickory nut trees, I feel blessed to say the least. My tomatoes are in the ground along with all my herbs in their hotbed. I thing this year will be a good plant year, around here everyone is hunting mushrooms, I went out with my brothers and we found around 200 or better, soaked them in salt water for 24hrs and fried them up oh so good. Does anyone else go mushroom hunting?
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