Friday, May 20, 2011

Budget, tight purse strings

       My budget has just about been pulled as much as it can. God has and will always provide but I need to be a good servant with what He has in trusted me to use. So I have went over my budget, even though I, can, freeze, dehydrate, cook from scratch, sew/mend and coupon I am still needing to do more. My love gifts cannot change, that is to God, so I need to control other spending.
       With gas prices as they are, that will be one thing I will change only shop when in town, do not make special trips to get 1 thing, do it all. My food bill for 3 is around $170-200.00 a month I will clip more coupons, and buy only on true sells, not set up ones.
        I also will put out more garden this year,more farmers markets and no processed canned goods, Only in season items will be bought, if I have not grown them.
       My family counts on me to cloth, feed and entertain them,  I buy fabrics that are strongly made and take care of them, mend and repair then color when needed. I have shirts and pants that I have worn weekly for over 8 yrs.
       Foods come from my pantry and entertainment from ourselves, with games, walks or home chosen movies, tv is limited. I'm going to see what other ladies are doing in their homes and also posting more detail on my own. Sorry so long everyone have a wonderful day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Pantry has changes coming !!

         For years I have canned the food in my pantry, looked at the jars all lined up thinking "I did good".  I still believe canning will be a big part of my life but I'm changing. My heavy shelf of canned goods will change to 5 gal, buckets full of dehydrated, packaged foods. I will be canning less and using more of my dehydrator. I'm learning how to prepare those foods and the fact that they can last longer gives them a jump on my list. I know that I also need to have more water stored for these things but I think in the long run this would be a better choice for me.  So now my journey will begin..I'm so glad something new!!!  Life always changing !!! if not only by food.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thats our flood behide us, we have been flooded in now for11 days. It doesn't look like it will go down for another week or so.We can not drive out at all the only way out is to walk across the hill and go over 2 small streams to a gravel road behind us. Our house is safe for now as long as Monroe doesn;t lose their dam. This has given me time to think about my pantry and stock, I have always been a prepper and I know now there are somethings I didn;t figure in right, one was tp, I need to stock up more I had figured what we use now but when everyone is home 24-7 that makes a huge impact. When I got to thinking about it everything was, sugar flour tea everything I had based on what we use daily but in an emergence every is home. So now to restock with that in mind.. Everyone have a wonderful day.
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