Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thats our flood behide us, we have been flooded in now for11 days. It doesn't look like it will go down for another week or so.We can not drive out at all the only way out is to walk across the hill and go over 2 small streams to a gravel road behind us. Our house is safe for now as long as Monroe doesn;t lose their dam. This has given me time to think about my pantry and stock, I have always been a prepper and I know now there are somethings I didn;t figure in right, one was tp, I need to stock up more I had figured what we use now but when everyone is home 24-7 that makes a huge impact. When I got to thinking about it everything was, sugar flour tea everything I had based on what we use daily but in an emergence every is home. So now to restock with that in mind.. Everyone have a wonderful day.

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  1. That looks to close for comfort for me. Praying you all are ok and your farm too.
    God Bless


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