Friday, August 5, 2011

Big Smile

      I was off work today, took kaydy to get her hair trimmed for school then to the movies with her and friends. Had a wonderful time. Best part of the day was when i pulled up in the drive and found two hugh sacks of  corn..........................Mr Sneed, Lord love his soul had picked us some to go in my freezer. That man has been such a blessing to us over the years, he is in his late 80s and still puts out a garden that would put a yound man to shame,he can't eat any of it just puts it out for others. Love that man.
      I went to get some of my posts and my blog had been closed to me, so, I guess I will start fresh, which is fine. My chickens are back to layin some got 9 yesterday 6 today out of our15 it has been to hot I think for them to lay.
      I've been trying to think of something I could do to help get some things paid off this year, I'm doing mending and such. Selling a few and a few other things. Would really like to be a sahm, but if it's not in the plan for us, from God then I  guess i better smile and thank him for the job I have.
      Well guess I'll close for now, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
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