Friday, October 7, 2011

Wonderful day on the farm

 It is such a wonderful day. So pretty outside, getting ready to go for a cycle ride, then back to get the raised beds finished for winter. I love fall, picking up walnuts, and hickory nuts for the new years baking, the changing leaves, but most of all the warmth of the wood stove and cuddling, hee hee that winter brings when hubby can't be outside as I'm going to study beekeeping as much as I can i want a hive come spring if i am ready. The new chicks will arrive this spring also, 50 little ones... slowly getting the farm to where it will be able to feed us...12 egg layers , pecan,walnut, and hickory nut trees, blackberries,cattle, garden, persimmon and cherry trees, strawberries and soon apples. I want so bad to be able to feed the family off the's coming soon !!! Have a wonderful day !!!
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