Tuesday, November 29, 2011


     What a wild weekend, black fri is over and I'm still here! Work was a mad house. People fighting over sheets and towels of all things. Now to get through christmas. I have told myself every year to start early. I don't listen......I did start, just  a few days ago. Ugg, I hate it.
      I'm not sure when I will put the tree up.I think I'm going red and gold. Would like to do snowflakes but haven't made them so guess not.lol I'm so slow on stuff like that.
     The rain has set in here might change to snow. yuck !!! I could do without that, but love Indiana, because you never know what each day will bring. Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving, now on with Christmas.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

warm day and garlic

         It is so nice outside, I went out at daylight and planted garlic. It is nice and warm in the ground under a nice cover of straw and I hope it will give me some much needed garlic. I'm really excited... The chickens are getting all the new feathers for winter and I'm still getting eggs, have some in the freezer and am ready for winter with them now. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Potato chips

      Just made my first batch, was very good, but they didn't last long. lol I hope to be adding pictures soon, my phone just won't do......sorry.  Took the peelings out to the chickens, just love them birds.....

Fresh air and cool winds

    This morning I gave hubby a ride back from the woods on the 4 wheeler. It was so good to feel the cool air, I don't get out as much as I would like, but I do get out as much as i can. I'll go back up and get him for lunch, I'm making potato soup to warm his belly.
    This cool air has also got the chickens up and about. They seem to gather like other animals for winter, I've noticed they are out pecking like crazy. I'll be adding deep cover to the coop to help keep them warm. Helps I think... I have also been storing eggs for this winter so that I will have them to cook with. I will miss seeing them so much this winter I like it when they are running around everywhere.
     Hope everyone has a great day....and week

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pretty Sunday

          Spent some time outside, taking off dead heads from more of my flowers so I can have them again next year. Went out and checked the strawberries, they are now ready for there long nap along with the rest of my herbs and flowers.
           The chickens are enjoying this warm sunny day too. They are running around all over the yard and into the woods. I love raising free-range chickens. Next spring I hope to have another 2 dozen, looking into cold range chickens so i have more eggs in the winter. A new coop is in store too........might redesign the old corn crib. or part of the ole pole barn. just not sure, but I have the whole winter to figure it out. lol
            I hope all you ladies have a great week..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


      Boy time is flying by, Nov and it's still nice outside, I live in Indiana it should be colder....but I will take it. I got the dirt turned over in the raised beds over the weekend and now to fertilize with what my chickens do best,lol.

      I done most my weekly baking over the weekend so I've only got to do a few loafs of bread to get me through this week. I'll be fixing my kitchen pantry for winter, I don't know about you but I cook different in the winter and need different things close by. I make more stews, roasts, lots more baking. 

      Well short post but off to work I go everyone have a great day.
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