Tuesday, November 29, 2011


     What a wild weekend, black fri is over and I'm still here! Work was a mad house. People fighting over sheets and towels of all things. Now to get through christmas. I have told myself every year to start early. I don't listen......I did start, just  a few days ago. Ugg, I hate it.
      I'm not sure when I will put the tree up.I think I'm going red and gold. Would like to do snowflakes but haven't made them so guess not.lol I'm so slow on stuff like that.
     The rain has set in here might change to snow. yuck !!! I could do without that, but love Indiana, because you never know what each day will bring. Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving, now on with Christmas.


  1. Got through Black Friday to...did not go out until later, was not one of these who went out at 10 or midnight, that was just wrong in my oponion. We did have a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. We didn't make it out for Black Friday, but went to see Courageous. It was a great movie.

    About the garlic-I grow German hardneck. Softneck doesn't do well up here. I give a lot away, and sell it. I also make up a bunch of garlic powder. It's strong and awesome stuff. :)

  3. Garlic Powder-Just slice and dehydrate the garlic.(Make sure it's good and dry.) Next, I put it in my food processor and grind it up. I think a blender would work,too. There you have it. I store it in pint jars. You can do the same thing for onion powder. Convenient when you don't have time or energy to slice the raw stuff. Have a wonderful weekend.


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