Monday, January 30, 2012

My chicken invitation

Preparedness Challenge Barn Hop

 My chicken invite
      I love days like this, today is the day I order my new chicks to come and live on the farm. I want to raise more chicks and sell eggs to help with the bills on the farm.  I get plenty of eggs for our use, but only a few extra dozen to sell, and to tell the truth they don't get sold they are bartered with good friends and family.  I need to raise more for freezing and canning also. I have to have enough to butcher to feed us from year to year. I remember my grandpa George going out early in the morning and fetching a fresh bird for our supper that day. I would love to be crafty enough to do freshly  each day, but I need to learn that.

    The chicks.... There are so many to chose from, but my heart goes to Marans, for their beautiful  egg color and the fact that I really have just fell in love with them, because of their struggle to survive, those will have to wait though because I really don't want to buy them from a main hatchery, I would like to get them from a farm who has cared for and knows of them. The hatcheries like McMurry have breeds yes but my heart says stay with a farm breeder on this one. So if you know of anyone please let me know. 

                        Now back to my breeds for here on the farm. Wyandotte, The Plymouth Rock, Sussex, and Rhode Island Reds are my favorites, these over the past years have been gentle and have done well on the production, and I will need a good brooder which with these have also been very good, there is always a mommy in the making out in the coop.  So by tomorrow morning my order will be going in for these. I have hopes of filling all our meat needs from our own  farm this year and I can't wait. So that is my preparedness for today but the week isn't over and I hope to do much more. Thank you for your visit and come back often with your tea..............

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blackberry Jelly and drying beef

       This weekend I ran low on blackberry jelly, I always put extra berries into the freezer for pies an cobblers, and for times like this. So new jelly was made and the pantry will last till new berries come on.. I put up 24 pints last year, thinking 2 weeks per jar, well the family likes it on not only peanut butter but ice short I ran.
       I've been going over the things that I canned last year and came up short on a few things if I want to hit my goal of all food items except staples being made or raised by us, or from area growers.
       We have been  fatting a steer, for this years meat. It will be ready in about 4 weeks for butcher. i would like to dry some of it,have any of you done this? Well I know this is short, but hubby wants to watch Daniel Boone. hubby time...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My gold shipment !!

 Preparedness Challenge to join please go here

My Gold shipment,

 I've been slowly changing things here on the farm, for me to be prepared in my food storage means a lot. Our area floods about every year and 1/2. Last time we were watered in 21 days, I'm glad I store extra food for times like this, my goal is to have a total 3 acres that will give us food and make us money. So this is my first move this year, seeds. To some it might not sound like a lot but to me they are like gold. What makes these fit into my preparedness is that they are  ( heirloom) seeds meaning that I can save seed from year to year. Most seeds from the stores you can not, they will not germinate , heirloom seed will grow again year after year. I not only save money, by not re buying but I also have safe food for my family. As I hear more on the news how food is contaminated I want to do all I can to keep my family safe. This year I will be growing not only my garden for food but put out 2 extra plants just for seed to save and share, because unless I share to help other families I wouldn't be a good steward of Gods gifts. When I can or freeze my bounty I will also share with my family or those in need. My list of seed

tomatoes, carrots , beans,watermelons,radishes,turnips,beets,lettuce,spinach,cucumbers,zucchini,corn and taters.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morning tea

After everyone is gone in the morning I do enjoy my tea. Sitting at the kitchen table looking out onto the porch, the fence post with my bird feeder looks so alone until you see, the kitty on the step looking in and realize she is ready for food birds..

This morning I am drinking Jasmin tea. I did not know all the benefits this tea might bring, now mind you I know nothing about teas I'm just learning, but this is something I found. Thought you might get a kick out of it and learn a little something too. Again I know nothing, so take this as you will.

15 Reasons You Will Feel Young By Drinking Jasmine Tea

Posted on October 4, 2010, 12:04 pm, by admin, under Feel Younger, Jasmine Tea Benefits.

Do you want to obtain a new lease on life? Then you need go no further than your local grocery or health food store and pick up a package of jasmine tea. This flavored tea is blended with green tea, and offers a variety of benefits that keep you feeling young and healthy. Jasmine tea benefits, then, can be enumerated, as follows:
 1.The catechins in the green tea are antioxidants that step in to prevent such diseases and conditions as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
 2.The properties in the tea not only aid in burning fat but also give you the energy to exercise for longer durations—very good for weight loss.
 3.Studies suggest that if you drink several cups a day, you will prolong your life.
 4.Research also shows that the tea is helpful in eliminating cancers of all types, such as leukemia and cancers of the colon, breast, prostrate, ovaries, lungs, and esophagus.
 5.The scented aroma is helpful in reducing the affects of stress.
 6.Theanine, which is contained in the green tea of the mix, has been shown to enhance the thinking process.
 7.Studies have found that jasmine tea also acts as an anti-depressant and reduces depressive symptoms related to menopause, paranoia and post-natal conditions.
 8.The tea also cleanses the arteries of cholesterol.
 9.Also, jasmine tea has been found to help those suffering from diabetes. Certain compounds (theaflavins and EGCG) help in keeping blood sugar levels in check.
 10.The tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis.
 11.Jasmine tea also prevents bad breath and tooth decay.
 12.Antigens are found in the tea that build up the body’s defense against disease.
 13.Joint and muscle pain subside when drinking green tea with jasmine.
 14.The tea helps alleviate back pain as well.
 15.Scientific research suggests that the ingredients contained in jasmine-flavored green tea make it healthier than drinking water. Therefore, drinking iced jasmine tea after a workout is exceptionally beneficial.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eggs and Chickens

    I'm getting ready to order my new chicks. Last season I didn't have any chickens that wanted to set so I thought I would restock, just not sure what I want. Today I did find out something new  about eggs so I thought I would share , this is from ....

                                                       Fertile                                Infertile
...The blastoderm will have one of two appearances...the first will be a small cloudy ring, much resembling a “bullseye”….about the size of a small pencil eraser…This is a fertile egg...the second will resemble a “sharp white dot“...this is an infertile egg...easy as pie! :)
                     I wasn't sure how to tell this so I'm glad I found it .... hope everyone has a good night.

Homestead Barn Hop

Homestead Barn Hop # 46
     This is my first hop and to tell the truth I have no clue if I did everything right or not, but here goes.
     Things are quiet on the farm, that is unless you step onto the back porch, then it comes to life.
      Black Angus has been on this farm for over 50 yrs. Right now they are eating and soaking up a little sun. I don't think there will be much sun, rain and chance of snow for tonight. Our cattle are fed on pasture and our hay. We don't use meds or anything on them unless for some reason a vet needs to be called.
     I can hear the chickens in the coop, all their doors are open so in an hour or two they will be in the side yard in front of the barn eating and just plain running. Sounds like I'm getting an egg or two, from the sound of things. I have a mixture of chickens from Brown Leghorns, buffs, Barred Standard Plymouth Rocks ,and Rhode Island Reds. I don't think there is anything I like to watch more then them.
     The garden is still resting but in a few months things will be hopping even there, I have all the seeds ordered and so far it looks like the blackberry plants I planted last spring are doing just fine. The other plants and shrubs look good too. I'm making a side yard garden/ landscape area for me. It has 3 raised beds, small 8x10 garden plot. strawberries, cherries, blackberries. Then flowers, rose of sharon,lilac, mock orange, flowering almond and baby breath. I'm ready for spring.......  
                                                                                   Hope I did all right on my hop, everyone have a wonderful day.             


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cross stitch " the European Bistro"

     This is what my oldest got me into,lol I can't wait to have it done I figure in a year or two that I might get it done, with her help, she is very good at it, Have I mentioned how proud I am of my first born lady.
      I am also working on my Christmas gifts already , I know WHAT....but I want them all homemade this year so each month I will try to get one done, I can't say what because of ,well my daughter might see this blog, so on things that aren't hers i will show as I get them done.. Hee Hee.
     I am also working on my outdoor landscape that will do on the side of the house last year I planted 15 blackberry, 5 Rose of Sharon and a pink dogwood, this year I have a hedge to plant and a garden to design into the land scape. I don't want to mow the whole side yard, so I want it pretty.
   What kind of plans do you guys have. Oh and I got my seed ordered............ have a good day.

Icy Roads

    Last night brought in sleet and rain, so that ended up as ice this morning. Hubby worked out in it and I tell ya, why on earth people think they can go 55 on ice is beyond me. What are these people thinking?
    Hubby made it home and is now sleeping which means a quiet day for me, I'm going to work on my needle work that my daughter got me into. lol I'll post a pic later.
    I have been working on my kitchen, I'm kind of slow but I will get it lined out.. well maybe.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I know I will as long as I stay inside.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calming Spirit Tea

I'm learning more blends, so I'll know what to grow.....

      This tea is from "Tea & Herbs"

 (Calming Spirit Tea)

Yield 4 cups

1 cup dried rosemary leaves
1 cup dried lavender flowers
1 cup dried spearmint
1/2 cup dried chamomile
1/4 to 1/2 dried cloves

blend all herbs thoroughly and store inairtight container away from light and heat,

use 1 tsp.per cup of water, use tea ball or strain.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My still room area

      This is it with my flower seeds from last year , my heirloom  veggie seeds, my honey, and my basket of  funnels ans spoons. Still have a long way to go. The drawers have spices,in one and the other is empty as for the cabinet in the bottom.not sure yet what I will put in it. Now to grow and stock all my bottles and baskets, first thing is learning teas, I do love tea. Everyone have a wonderful day.

My still room, almost

   After I found Catherines blog  I will never think the same about herbs, I had planted my first herb bed last spring and it went pretty good. Now i want to move forward and learn more. Catherine has a sweet spirit, I have never meet her in person, but somethings you can't hide. Hope you get a chance to check her site and look at her own still room. Please check her blog and look at hers. I'll be posting mine after I get it finished, but this is where mine is going.

   The Still Room
The still room is a distillery room found in most great houses, castles or large establishments throughout Europe dating back at least to medieval times. The lady of the house was in charge of the room, where medicines were prepared, cosmetics and many home cleaning products created, and home-brewed beer or wine was often made. Herbs from the kitchen garden and surrounding countryside were processed into what today we call essential oils, and infused or distilled, or brewed (etc.) as required to make rose water, lavender water, peppermint based ointments, soaps, furniture polishes and a wide variety of medicines. [1] It was a working room: part science lab, part infirmary and part kitchen. In later years, as doctors & apothecaries became more widely spread and the products of the still room became commercially available, the still room became increasingly an adjunct of the kitchen. The use of still room devolved to making only jams, jellies, home-brewed beverages and as a store room for perishables such as cakes.
Originally, the still room was a very important part of the household, run by the lady of the house, and used to teach her daughters and wards some of the skills needed to run their own homes in order to make them more marriageable by having those skills.[2] As practical skills fell out fashion for high born women, the still room became the province first of poor dependent relations, then of housekeepers or cooks. The still room was later staffed by the still room maid.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cast is off !!

      Went to the doc today and he took it off and gave me a soft cast. Now 4 weeks with this and Lord willing I will be done.
     Picking out all my plants to order, now to pick out my herbs, on Catherines blog: Love living Simply, she explains things so well. I can almost see her making her blog. I would put her button on my blog but don't know
     Well that's it for tonight, everyone take care.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Early gardener gets the seed..

           Well, after reading a few blogs I realized that I'm behind..again lol. There is a lot of friend bloggers who have their seeds ordered along with their chicks and I bet even next winters cover crop. I am so envious, here me and my purple cast sit, all this time on my hands with the world at my finger tips and I'm blowing it. My chickens should be on a list of deliveries some where along with my seed.  I could have my plans on the pc anyway. So I will be getting ready this weekend. My one handed pecking is getting pretty good so my next post should be new things for the farm....... lol hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meal plans

  This year my plan is to save money and to also cook more home style meals. I do ,do this most of the time but even we like papa johns from time to time. To save more money monthly I will try to make out my meal plans. I started with my main meals: making a list of meals we like:
  • Beef & Noodles -corn on the cob
  • Pot roast W/carrots.potatoes- salad
  • Tacos w trimmings and refried beans and rice
  • Beef manhattan- texas toast-smashed taters
  • Steak-baked tater-salad
  • Minute steak-fried taters-greenbeans
  • Meatloaf-cheese taters-baked beans
This gives you an idea, I can then group meals like the Beef and noodles one night then with the left over meat i can make Manhattens the next night. I don't waste anything and rolls that I make can be used for both meals. These meals are easy, low cost to me, and filling.We raise our own beef, and fatten a pig yearly. We raise chickens and a garden every year. With all this in mind I shouldn't spend more than $150. per month for our family of 3. I will need milk,cheese and fresh greans for salads(until garden time) and basic pantry needs,plus personal items. I will be stocking my pantry on sell items of these things, I know that if its something I use daily to pick it up that month and it will even out in the end.This is my goal, if I get close to this I will be very happy. I know this is a long post but I'm wanting a record of my goals this year.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Hopes and Dreams

     Like everyone else, I have things I would like to do this year, I thought I would write them here and check them off as I go.....

1.  Use stores less, grow more on our own or use farmer markets more, always know where my food comes from.
2.  Read more of Gods word, not for how much but for quality.
3.  Organize the house for ease of using, not just storing. go through and give away or take to goodwill what i don't need. Honestly how many knifes do I
4.  Do one thing each day for someone else !!!!!!!!!!!

this is a on going post, for me...Hope everyone elses dreams come true/
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