Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blackberry Jelly and drying beef

       This weekend I ran low on blackberry jelly, I always put extra berries into the freezer for pies an cobblers, and for times like this. So new jelly was made and the pantry will last till new berries come on.. I put up 24 pints last year, thinking 2 weeks per jar, well the family likes it on not only peanut butter but ice short I ran.
       I've been going over the things that I canned last year and came up short on a few things if I want to hit my goal of all food items except staples being made or raised by us, or from area growers.
       We have been  fatting a steer, for this years meat. It will be ready in about 4 weeks for butcher. i would like to dry some of it,have any of you done this? Well I know this is short, but hubby wants to watch Daniel Boone. hubby time...

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