Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cross stitch " the European Bistro"

     This is what my oldest got me into,lol I can't wait to have it done I figure in a year or two that I might get it done, with her help, she is very good at it, Have I mentioned how proud I am of my first born lady.
      I am also working on my Christmas gifts already , I know WHAT....but I want them all homemade this year so each month I will try to get one done, I can't say what because of ,well my daughter might see this blog, so on things that aren't hers i will show as I get them done.. Hee Hee.
     I am also working on my outdoor landscape that will do on the side of the house last year I planted 15 blackberry, 5 Rose of Sharon and a pink dogwood, this year I have a hedge to plant and a garden to design into the land scape. I don't want to mow the whole side yard, so I want it pretty.
   What kind of plans do you guys have. Oh and I got my seed ordered............ have a good day.
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