Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homestead Barn Hop

Homestead Barn Hop # 46
     This is my first hop and to tell the truth I have no clue if I did everything right or not, but here goes.
     Things are quiet on the farm, that is unless you step onto the back porch, then it comes to life.
      Black Angus has been on this farm for over 50 yrs. Right now they are eating and soaking up a little sun. I don't think there will be much sun, rain and chance of snow for tonight. Our cattle are fed on pasture and our hay. We don't use meds or anything on them unless for some reason a vet needs to be called.
     I can hear the chickens in the coop, all their doors are open so in an hour or two they will be in the side yard in front of the barn eating and just plain running. Sounds like I'm getting an egg or two, from the sound of things. I have a mixture of chickens from Brown Leghorns, buffs, Barred Standard Plymouth Rocks ,and Rhode Island Reds. I don't think there is anything I like to watch more then them.
     The garden is still resting but in a few months things will be hopping even there, I have all the seeds ordered and so far it looks like the blackberry plants I planted last spring are doing just fine. The other plants and shrubs look good too. I'm making a side yard garden/ landscape area for me. It has 3 raised beds, small 8x10 garden plot. strawberries, cherries, blackberries. Then flowers, rose of sharon,lilac, mock orange, flowering almond and baby breath. I'm ready for spring.......  
                                                                                   Hope I did all right on my hop, everyone have a wonderful day.             

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