Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meal plans

  This year my plan is to save money and to also cook more home style meals. I do ,do this most of the time but even we like papa johns from time to time. To save more money monthly I will try to make out my meal plans. I started with my main meals: making a list of meals we like:
  • Beef & Noodles -corn on the cob
  • Pot roast W/carrots.potatoes- salad
  • Tacos w trimmings and refried beans and rice
  • Beef manhattan- texas toast-smashed taters
  • Steak-baked tater-salad
  • Minute steak-fried taters-greenbeans
  • Meatloaf-cheese taters-baked beans
This gives you an idea, I can then group meals like the Beef and noodles one night then with the left over meat i can make Manhattens the next night. I don't waste anything and rolls that I make can be used for both meals. These meals are easy, low cost to me, and filling.We raise our own beef, and fatten a pig yearly. We raise chickens and a garden every year. With all this in mind I shouldn't spend more than $150. per month for our family of 3. I will need milk,cheese and fresh greans for salads(until garden time) and basic pantry needs,plus personal items. I will be stocking my pantry on sell items of these things, I know that if its something I use daily to pick it up that month and it will even out in the end.This is my goal, if I get close to this I will be very happy. I know this is a long post but I'm wanting a record of my goals this year.
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