Monday, January 30, 2012

My chicken invitation

Preparedness Challenge Barn Hop

 My chicken invite
      I love days like this, today is the day I order my new chicks to come and live on the farm. I want to raise more chicks and sell eggs to help with the bills on the farm.  I get plenty of eggs for our use, but only a few extra dozen to sell, and to tell the truth they don't get sold they are bartered with good friends and family.  I need to raise more for freezing and canning also. I have to have enough to butcher to feed us from year to year. I remember my grandpa George going out early in the morning and fetching a fresh bird for our supper that day. I would love to be crafty enough to do freshly  each day, but I need to learn that.

    The chicks.... There are so many to chose from, but my heart goes to Marans, for their beautiful  egg color and the fact that I really have just fell in love with them, because of their struggle to survive, those will have to wait though because I really don't want to buy them from a main hatchery, I would like to get them from a farm who has cared for and knows of them. The hatcheries like McMurry have breeds yes but my heart says stay with a farm breeder on this one. So if you know of anyone please let me know. 

                        Now back to my breeds for here on the farm. Wyandotte, The Plymouth Rock, Sussex, and Rhode Island Reds are my favorites, these over the past years have been gentle and have done well on the production, and I will need a good brooder which with these have also been very good, there is always a mommy in the making out in the coop.  So by tomorrow morning my order will be going in for these. I have hopes of filling all our meat needs from our own  farm this year and I can't wait. So that is my preparedness for today but the week isn't over and I hope to do much more. Thank you for your visit and come back often with your tea..............

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