Saturday, January 28, 2012

My gold shipment !!

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My Gold shipment,

 I've been slowly changing things here on the farm, for me to be prepared in my food storage means a lot. Our area floods about every year and 1/2. Last time we were watered in 21 days, I'm glad I store extra food for times like this, my goal is to have a total 3 acres that will give us food and make us money. So this is my first move this year, seeds. To some it might not sound like a lot but to me they are like gold. What makes these fit into my preparedness is that they are  ( heirloom) seeds meaning that I can save seed from year to year. Most seeds from the stores you can not, they will not germinate , heirloom seed will grow again year after year. I not only save money, by not re buying but I also have safe food for my family. As I hear more on the news how food is contaminated I want to do all I can to keep my family safe. This year I will be growing not only my garden for food but put out 2 extra plants just for seed to save and share, because unless I share to help other families I wouldn't be a good steward of Gods gifts. When I can or freeze my bounty I will also share with my family or those in need. My list of seed

tomatoes, carrots , beans,watermelons,radishes,turnips,beets,lettuce,spinach,cucumbers,zucchini,corn and taters.
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