Monday, February 20, 2012

Barn Hop 50, at the farm

Barn Hop 50 if you would like to join please go here.

                                    At the farm this week

 Well this weekend brought, the new chicks. They are growing nicely. I did lose 2, not sure why, but to get the rest through is my goal.
 The weather is sunny today, so working on the raised beds some, still slow with one hand but, I can get it done. Would like to plant them over the weekend if I can. I remind myself that we want to grow all our food that we can this year. I was  watching the video from  If you haven't visited Clints blog you should, I have learned so much from it. Anyway I am now looking for woodchips, to help my garden and beds.Lord willing I will have all my beds ready to go.
       I got 72 plant pots started with another 72 to go of those, then the big potted plants that stay on the porch. I just pray, I can keep up with it all.
     Three more weeks and the steer will be in the freezer, then the garden veggies, and the fruit from the bushes and trees. What is everyone planting,are you doing anything new, I am, I'm trying a friend of mines 9 week bean, they have been in her family for years dating back past her great granddad, I'm excited !!! She says they are very good so we will see. Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

My new chicks..

My Barnevelder chicks have arrived!!!!! all 26   I have been waiting like a mother hen, thought this day would never come. I know some women love flowers and candy, but to get this girls heart you need an edge like this. They were hatched on Feb 15, 2012 all 26 are doing great. I'm really excited about these chicks unlike the barnyard chicks, these will become breeding stock,  for us.  I'm keeping records on cost, egg production, meat and loss of chicks. They will still free range but not like the barn chicks, they will be under more supervision at first.  

These are my new chick wellies..hee hee. I always wore my hubbies but now along with my new chicks I have my own boots. I like these, they are "sloggers". I don't think I will have to worry about hubby wearing them...................................I hope everyone has a wonderful night.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Planning, simple living

  Today the simple living challenge ( )  is talking about planning and organization . This is something I rely on for just about everything.  I'm one of those ladies that carry her life in her you can see. I carry my planner book, checkbook, Dave Ramsey envelope system, and a bank bag, which i use for receipts for the month, and oh yes my brush that didn't make it out of the bag, I do keep a book ready to read and keep space for my laptop when needed.
    As for the organization, I have been reorganizing the house, going through one room at a time. cleaning ,pitching and praying I can keep it that way. This to help with my daily cleaning by making me less to dust, clean and put away, Now something that came to me on this blog as I was writing. Where besides my brush, is my lady like mirror, makeup,not even a sweet smelling perfume so where did my woman hood go??????? So as I look at myself, hum..... other things need to be worked on also.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finished Kitchen

 Well yesterday hubby and I stayed gone all day so I couldn't post my after pictures, so here they are today: I have cleaned each drawer,everything off the top, and all the cabinets have been organised, now just to put out a few things and I will be done........ so glad this area is done it took the longest and it will be the hardest accept my closet..we won't go there.....

so now I go to the next room.............the family room........... I hope everyone had a wonderful week...and thank you for your I can come into a nice clean work area where I will enjoy to be. The family will be helping to keep it clean, they are to put their own dishes in the dishwasher and clean up their on glasses, that will help alot.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple living pledge

The simple living pledge can be found here:
              This pledge has me looking at me..more then the home even though that too will be worked on. I am going through my home,then yard and garden and making it see I tend to the "feel" of our home. If our home is cluttered, unruly, not a pleasant place to be in, then in truth this is my fault. My hubby works,like me but he works the outside, cattle,fences, mowing hay farm I manage the home, now the good side......this girl wants a warm soft welcome, come in take your shoes off atmosphere , I want to breath when I come in from work, maybe a cup of tea before I start dinner, unlike now. So the declutter begins with even a more important out come, my well being. So first the room that makes me smile before

Later today or tomorrow there will be a after.

Trouble with my blog

Don't know if this will post or not , looks like I have trouble back when I can.

Friday new day

            I love this day already, now for the sun to come out, I will have to blog more later but just wanted to tell everyone MORNING !!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whats on your table?

   I had asked just this morning on how to do this, and along came my 16 yr old daughter and told me, mom go to  thats want I use............our children....
   Today the sun is shininge we are to have warm temps. What a day this should be.
    If my arm was healed I would be out moving some dirt !!
This is hard not to go digging.
    The picture at the side is what stays on my kitchen table year round except for the eggs,lol. I love these colors and use them all thur the kitchen. Now that I can do pics better I will show more of my kitchen, just remember, it will not always be so cleaned up, because I have a working kitchen, always feeding and cleaning so there will be dishes sometimes and canning supplies. Whats on your table ?
   I couldn't write a post without showing the gals and guys. This was yesterday, they were enjoying all the trimmings off the veggies I trimmed. I do love them. Everyone enjoy your day............
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