Monday, February 20, 2012

Barn Hop 50, at the farm

Barn Hop 50 if you would like to join please go here.

                                    At the farm this week

 Well this weekend brought, the new chicks. They are growing nicely. I did lose 2, not sure why, but to get the rest through is my goal.
 The weather is sunny today, so working on the raised beds some, still slow with one hand but, I can get it done. Would like to plant them over the weekend if I can. I remind myself that we want to grow all our food that we can this year. I was  watching the video from  If you haven't visited Clints blog you should, I have learned so much from it. Anyway I am now looking for woodchips, to help my garden and beds.Lord willing I will have all my beds ready to go.
       I got 72 plant pots started with another 72 to go of those, then the big potted plants that stay on the porch. I just pray, I can keep up with it all.
     Three more weeks and the steer will be in the freezer, then the garden veggies, and the fruit from the bushes and trees. What is everyone planting,are you doing anything new, I am, I'm trying a friend of mines 9 week bean, they have been in her family for years dating back past her great granddad, I'm excited !!! She says they are very good so we will see. Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

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