Friday, February 17, 2012

My new chicks..

My Barnevelder chicks have arrived!!!!! all 26   I have been waiting like a mother hen, thought this day would never come. I know some women love flowers and candy, but to get this girls heart you need an edge like this. They were hatched on Feb 15, 2012 all 26 are doing great. I'm really excited about these chicks unlike the barnyard chicks, these will become breeding stock,  for us.  I'm keeping records on cost, egg production, meat and loss of chicks. They will still free range but not like the barn chicks, they will be under more supervision at first.  

These are my new chick wellies..hee hee. I always wore my hubbies but now along with my new chicks I have my own boots. I like these, they are "sloggers". I don't think I will have to worry about hubby wearing them...................................I hope everyone has a wonderful night.

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