Monday, February 6, 2012

Planning, simple living

  Today the simple living challenge ( )  is talking about planning and organization . This is something I rely on for just about everything.  I'm one of those ladies that carry her life in her you can see. I carry my planner book, checkbook, Dave Ramsey envelope system, and a bank bag, which i use for receipts for the month, and oh yes my brush that didn't make it out of the bag, I do keep a book ready to read and keep space for my laptop when needed.
    As for the organization, I have been reorganizing the house, going through one room at a time. cleaning ,pitching and praying I can keep it that way. This to help with my daily cleaning by making me less to dust, clean and put away, Now something that came to me on this blog as I was writing. Where besides my brush, is my lady like mirror, makeup,not even a sweet smelling perfume so where did my woman hood go??????? So as I look at myself, hum..... other things need to be worked on also.
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