Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple living pledge

The simple living pledge can be found here:
              This pledge has me looking at me..more then the home even though that too will be worked on. I am going through my home,then yard and garden and making it see I tend to the "feel" of our home. If our home is cluttered, unruly, not a pleasant place to be in, then in truth this is my fault. My hubby works,like me but he works the outside, cattle,fences, mowing hay farm I manage the home, now the good side......this girl wants a warm soft welcome, come in take your shoes off atmosphere , I want to breath when I come in from work, maybe a cup of tea before I start dinner, unlike now. So the declutter begins with even a more important out come, my well being. So first the room that makes me smile before

Later today or tomorrow there will be a after.
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