Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whats on your table?

   I had asked just this morning on how to do this, and along came my 16 yr old daughter and told me, mom go to  thats want I use............our children....
   Today the sun is shininge we are to have warm temps. What a day this should be.
    If my arm was healed I would be out moving some dirt !!
This is hard not to go digging.
    The picture at the side is what stays on my kitchen table year round except for the eggs,lol. I love these colors and use them all thur the kitchen. Now that I can do pics better I will show more of my kitchen, just remember, it will not always be so cleaned up, because I have a working kitchen, always feeding and cleaning so there will be dishes sometimes and canning supplies. Whats on your table ?
   I couldn't write a post without showing the gals and guys. This was yesterday, they were enjoying all the trimmings off the veggies I trimmed. I do love them. Everyone enjoy your day............


  1. I =hope you got my note also to go to picnik! I love it.It will be having some changes, but hoping Google will be taking over, if not.....well someone else will help us out!

    Just came in from the hen house.......6 eggs in one and 5 in another. Weather is beautiful here today......will be changing tomorrow afternoon........well, I am back out the door!

    Hugs sweet friend......pretty flowers......and lovely chickens!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Yes thats where my daughter told me to go, lol I didn't even think to ask her..thats great with your eggs, I got more today too. Like you it will get cold tomorrow...

  2. You have some beautiful chickens! I had Marans a few years ago - I have one Cuckoo Maran (Marie Claire) who is a rescued chicken. She is my surrogate mother when needed. Right now I have five Barnevelders and a Barnie Rooster. I have to say, I love them more - they are so lovely and calm and good layers. Their eggs are not as dark as I had expected - but I have Welsummers for that. But, other than the dark brown eggs, I don't really care for Welsummers. Sorry for rambling - I love my chickens!


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