Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blueberry&Rasberry Plants

     When  we started  our yard planing we wanted a yard not only pretty,  but one to help feed us. I try really hard to put things in that I know we will eat, To grow something that we wouldn't eat or enjoy is just as wasteful of our space. My goal is to add all our veggies and fruits into the landscape. So when I seen the blueberry / rashberry  bushes I couldn't just leave them in the store, they needed my yard.. lol I'll plant them out soon.
       Now we will have cherries,blackberries,blueberries, and rasberries. The jelly should be plentyful along with pies and muffins. I thank God, for his goodness............

this layout also has flowers around the trees, and flowerbeds with herbs and flowers for my tea...

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