Friday, March 9, 2012


                   Here at Blackberry Brambles, the plans have been made for the new coop, you can check it out on the (cottage coop )tab across the top of my page. After the snow we had this past week I'm not sure if my garlic is ok or not. Guess I will see in a few months, I planted it last fall but it was coming up pretty good. The trees are budding and flowers are up. I did pick up a few more seeds yesterday, lots of flowers to go around my coop, and to put into the flower beds around my yard. 
                    The moles were really bad last year, what do you do to get rid of them? They ate a lot of my bulbs, I will have to replant most of my yard. Wish the chickens ate them like they do bugs,lol.
                     I've been reading "Barnyard in your Backyard", This a is a great book lots of info on the raising of basic barnyard animals. Learning a lot. I'll be sharing some on here, I got it from the library but will be getting one for myself, If you know of a good book let me know, I like ones that have plans, tips on everyday life.
                      Thanks for your visit and have a great day.
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