Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2nd Hen House Hop !!!


2nd Annual Hen House Hop !!! Join in !!

Our Hen House is coming together !!!!!! Welcome to my new coop!!!


              Hubby has gone way and above his call of duty on this one. I have looked at chicken houses for months and ran across the one Deborah Jean has posted on her blog,I so love her blog. Her hen house, touched my inter soul, so like hers I will plant my flowers, make it a pretty part of our yard. The flowers are planted and hope in a few weeks color will bloom. Thank you Deborah Jean !!
       My chicken house as you can tell is hunter green. It has a 3 foot walk in section, where I have easy access to the nesting boxes and the trap door, to let them in and out. I have my tools hanging on the inside wall along with my large metal can to hold chicken feed. The large windows let in plenty of light I hope this will help with laying this winter. I love them because I can walk up and watch the chicks.I will be adding curtains for summer, just across the top for color. I have a metal drum, that I will be painting to catch water off the roof.

 The chicks can't seem to decide if they like the house  or not. They took a few minutes to come out the first time I raised the trapped door..hubby had to give a little push..lol. Today 10 came out just as I opened it, so they know what to do now. They seem to like it. Hubby will put together a better ramp but for now this will do.

So far the barnevelders have proven to be a calm breed. They stay calm when I'm in the pen, and will come up to me. Can't wait until they start laying and hatch out their little ones. I hope you liked your little visit and I can't wait to visit you hen house..,
        As for the rest the farm,the raised beds are planted, but looks like I'm getting more tops them root on my radishes, the lettuce is doing good though. The herbs are growing also. More tea coming ! My older hens are laying well, for their age soon the younger ladies will take over and give them a rest.

The flowers are in bloom and the yard is so pretty....My sloggers fit right in, don't you think.


  1. What a wonderful post! I love the hunter green paint color you chose! Very different and cute! You and your hubby have done an amazing job with your Hen House! Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your coop with Dandelion House and friends! Happy Hen Keeping!

  2. Awwww, love the coop! I'd like to see the inside of it too. :o)

    Thanks for sharing! Here is my post today with my chickens and coops: http://mydestinysharinghope.com/a-hop-all-about-the-girls


  3. I love your boots and your blog. I also love that you are capturing the water off the roof, fabulous! BTW, If you feed greens to your hens next winter, it might help with the laying. Mine never stopped.

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