Friday, July 6, 2012

Mr. Belvedere Barnevelder

     As you can see, my chicks have grown, won't be long and fresh eggs should be coming. This is my 5 month old rooster, Mr Belvedere. His job is to look after the Hens of the house. lol.  Around here the rains have been sparse, and the land crunches under our feet. Some of my friends have lost a few of their hens, I'm watching mine as much as the hawks.... I'm getting ready to band them so I can keep track of their eggs and how well they do. I'm keeping the best for selling hatching eggs and chicks, and the rest of my gals as egg layers and meat.
     The pen /coop has worked out fine. I put down 3 inches of pine shavings when I first put them in and I throw a hand full of seed mix in once a week, they scratch and keep the floor dry as they turn the shavings, I'll clean it out this fall and it should be just fine all winter.
     Hope everyone has a good night ,          
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