Saturday, October 20, 2012

To be so simple

This post was a though after I had went to the blog hop and found a wonderful site The way they were so simple back then, just enough cups for who lived there, maybe 1 or 2 extra, ( me a whole shelf). Simple bowls,( me a bowl for everything). But yet the cooking was full flavored and pleasing to the eye, simple cloth napkins (me, hand me that paper towel) something so small as looking at a few snap shots has opened a site to my soul. To live as simple as this, could I? I'm really not sure. But I am going to try..................I will start with my cups as that seems like what cought my eye first, the last was the simplness of the outhouse, not sure hubby would go for that on a cold morning, but one sure would look good in my side yard next to the chicken house to hold cans of feed and cleaning supplies. Oh, how I love these learn and yearn.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apples!!did you say Apples!!

Apples !!!! Did you say APPLES!!!!
This week my wonderful mother-in-love called to ask me if I wanted apples, she had a well 2 old washtubs later and I'm still doing apples...
   I first deyhdrated some, I would show you but they are getting eatten faster then I can dry them.
I also done redhot apples and apple sauce, still have a tub to go..............

We started the wood stove last week. So glad we did. It has been in the 30's and 40's alot. I love that it is outside and we only have to load it once a day, for heat and our hot water.
I cleaned out the hen house, Put down a fresh deep layer of shavings. I do love deep layers. When I opened my henhouse this spring I put 10 inches down. The floor has been dry all year. I throw in some scratch from time to time and they keep it stirred up so air is going thru it. Now to see how it does this winter.
I hope everyone else has a nice day and enjoys the barn hop.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A nice play day


               Today the chicks got out to play, it was funny, they were't sure what to do at first then they went after it full force. Bugs beware.

Boady didn't know what to do either, chase them, eat them or run and play. He would look at them  then me, can I can I please get them,lol poor dog. He ended up just laying down and watching them.
Hope everyone else had a nice day!!!
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