Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apples!!did you say Apples!!

Apples !!!! Did you say APPLES!!!!
This week my wonderful mother-in-love called to ask me if I wanted apples, she had a well 2 old washtubs later and I'm still doing apples...
   I first deyhdrated some, I would show you but they are getting eatten faster then I can dry them.
I also done redhot apples and apple sauce, still have a tub to go..............

We started the wood stove last week. So glad we did. It has been in the 30's and 40's alot. I love that it is outside and we only have to load it once a day, for heat and our hot water.
I cleaned out the hen house, Put down a fresh deep layer of shavings. I do love deep layers. When I opened my henhouse this spring I put 10 inches down. The floor has been dry all year. I throw in some scratch from time to time and they keep it stirred up so air is going thru it. Now to see how it does this winter.
I hope everyone else has a nice day and enjoys the barn hop.
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