Friday, November 23, 2012

Great podcast and blog

     I'm always looking for new ways to learn. When I ended up with my new phone my oldest daughter Misty got me hooked on podcasts. I'm really not a music fan, but a podcast that teaches me something, well thats better, so I wanted to put out a shout for  this couple is so cute and funny....raising chickens,pigs and such. I've raised chickens for ever but they take it to a new level. please give them a try and listen to their'll be hooked. start at the first one and get to know them from their start to now, worth listenin too.

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  1. Hi, it has been some time since I have been over......thank you for this info. I am going over right now. You make them sound wonderful.

    Hope all is well. Love the pics around your post.....adorable!!!!!

    Hugs and God that I work outside the is hard to get to all my fav. blogs. Linda


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