Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dry Beans?

 With the seed books coming and my mind planting I was wondering if anyone planted Dry beans and what kind. Greenbeans are easy to find in the books but only a few have a few dry beans. I know they are cheap to buy but I would rather grow my own.
   Our last growing season was bad like a lot of people around us the heat and not enough rain caused most of our crops to fail. I try to store all that I can, so this year the garden needs to be bigger and my pantry needs filled. Is anyone looking at the seed books?


  1. Hi! I planted black beans a few years ago. What I found is that you really need to plant a LOT of bean plants to get any kind of harvest of dried beans. It was fun to do but we have 25 lbs of dried beans all through the year and our small patch gave us a half of a pint. I may use the seeds to plant with next year.
    We got our seeds from Pinetree seed company. Hope your garden planning goes well!!

  2. Baker Creek Heirlooms has a pretty nice selection of dried beans. I planted cowpeas from them last year and did very well, as they are drought resistant and heat tolerant. As Nancy said, you need to plant ALOT of beans to get any good yeild at all. Good luck!

    1. Thank you ladies, I'm just trying to raise more of our own food anything you can add is very helpful!!!


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