Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tighting our belt !!!

              Hi everyone, boy does it feel good to be back. We have had a lot of changes this summer can't wait to talk about them with you all. Like a lot of other states Indiana, is very dry. The garden all but dried up, watering with this drought would have been very costly and still the yield would not have been there. So I will humble myself on sells at the farmers market and our local orchards.
             We did get the steer earlier this spring and a hog just a few weeks ago put into the freezer so looks like meat and taters are whats for supper this winter. Even the fruit trees have dried, I might get some persimmon put up, a few jars of blackberry jelly and pears, but not much more this year. Tomatoes have done OK but still not a good yield..........tighten our belt this winter for sure. I'll be doing basic cooking, which my family loves. I can't forget my chickens, 27 Barnavelders now laying plenty of eggs, and they will be fresh meat also once they are older and I have some chicks running around. Oh my ,how I could rumble on.....but I'll close for now but hope to be back posting on a regular basis pretty soon, night all......