Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday, Rainy day

      Well it has been raining now for about 13 hours, after 16 in. of snow this can not be good. I live by the White River and even though it can't get my house it can flood me in. Now mind you I don't really mind all that much because my pantry is full, and the freezer is stocked. Work on the other hand, well for 23 yrs they have been ok with it because it is a natural disaster, but after the way things are who knows. Living on a farm everyone knows you can't go off and leave it, fences get under water and cattle do swim. They like to get caught on the other side of the hill where they can't get food and we have to boat over to get them back across. It's safer and better just to watch and keep them here on this side. Another problem is there is now access to the back of our sheds and barn because of the water, robbery of gas and tractor parts, along with anything else they can get is always a threat. So the rain can stop any time.

     The chickens have been in the coop for most of the last few weeks,with the snow they didn't go out. The rain and warmer weather has them out? I guess rain is better then snow. If you haven't been up with my blog. I raise barnevelders, the breed is a little different then what I have raised in the past. I have learned that when 1 molts they all molt. They all lay in the same cycle, so when 1 stops you might as well get ready they all will. The roosters are very protective but not with the family, but will take charge if something comes around. Very friendly once they know you and will follow you around. I will keep you up dated as the year goes on as far as eggs go, they got old enough to lay just before it got cold so I don't have a good idea yet.
      Now we have sleet...............thats not good. Think tea is in order. Have a great night.
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