Monday, February 11, 2013

Early morning post

While waiting to get up the rest the family thought I would post a short word or two. The wind is really strong today, it is making a whistle noise down the chimney, kind of sad, lost noise.... I hate strong winds, it puts down trees on our fence and that means a longer work day for hubby to clean up after he gets home from his day job. The cattle would love to roam the woods behind the fence, until they heard the tractor bringing in hay and they would come back, today, but now in spring when all is green they would think ( run forest run).
 This is a short week for me, at work, pay cuts and all. I really don't mind because I have a lot to catch up on with the seed starting and garden planning. Hubby will have my hotbed ready by the weekend. So I'll be starting seed there year under window panes, can't wait. Well really that's about it, short and  sweet, hope everyone has a great Monday.
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