Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Change of Seasons

Our youngest daughter turns 18 this week, yes I am sad....but so proud of how she has become such a warm loving lady. Her coming into adulthood on the 6th brings me coming into (senior) on the 5th. at 55. Now I wasn't to sad about that until I realized that AARP has found me also. Now let me tell ya someone sending me all these things that are to help me, makes me feel older than dirt....I just think that  they should hold off sending anything until I ask them!!!!!!! Like in my 80's or later . AARP just sounds old, now for all the flack I'm going to get for this I'm sorry, I'm sure I will love everything they can do for me, but please give me a minute would you, to adjust to my hubby saying (hey honey you won't forget this one its on the speed limit signs) He loves me so !! My daughter saying hey mom we can get it cheaper just say how old you are, yes she loves me too. So as the day gets closer I am sure it will come and go like a breeze but let me tell ya if my sisters were here I would be doing a Thelma and Louise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for my little one turning 18 I hope she handles 55 better than me.........lol
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