Thursday, September 12, 2013


     I'm so glad we got rain today... the garden needed it and I just needed it to cool down. I'm drinking a cup of coffee before I head to work,. A coworkers hubby is in the hospital and I'm closing for her and working on some rearranging in the bakery. I had worked this morning and left early at 11 so I could come back by 6 and work on thru the night. I hope to get lots done..I changed my blog pic, it's a little large so I will downsize it later when I have more time.
     The ladies were making a lot of noise when I came in, I went to check it out and couldn't find a thing until I looked up. Yup you got it a hawk... the rooster made a noise and the ladies all went to the house..he stood at the door,. He didn't go in he just stood there that's the man!!! I was there so I knew the hawk wouldn't come down, but he  didn't he was ready to fight if he had too. I love barnevelder chicks!!!!!!!
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