Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter setting in

     I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't say I do like some parts of winter. The warmth of a nice fire. The snuggle under a blanket, while drinking my favorite tea,  and of course a nice snow day so I don't have to work, but then again my hubby does as he works for the highway....him,me...him,me  well lets just leave that there,lol.
     As some of you know I work in retail/bakery which means I work all holidays and most weekends. It didn't use to be like that. Growing up you shopped on Saturday or after work during the week, because come holidays and Sundays, stores were closed so everyone could be with their family, but now most everyone wants stores open on the holidays so they can get that last item they forgot. Just sad end of rant. So again, snow day..............lol
     Well not much else flipping through my head....boy kind of empty .. Oh well everyone have a wonderful day, and smile at the all workers as the holidays get closer..... firemen, police, nurses and everyone else.... 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My morning!!

 This was my morning....
I did 2 loads this morning..
I then did the henhouse,
Got the wagon on the 4 wheeler and started mucking her out..
then I dumped it on the garden to plow under(Hubby will do that not me) LOL
 So this afternoon I will fix a cup of tea and enjoy the rest of my day see you all later
just thought it was a cool picture....of my shadow saying bye or hi..Hee Hee.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

BlackBerry Brambles: Saturday on the farm

BlackBerry Brambles: Saturday on the farm:         Today got up at 3:30, not a surprise I've done it for years, lol I hardly ever have an alarm go off. Good thing I'm a farmer...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday on the farm

        Today got up at 3:30, not a surprise I've done it for years, lol I hardly ever have an alarm go off. Good thing I'm a farmers wife.

       The family will be coming over later for a fish fry. I was hoping to have the porch done but nope hit a snag...
I had wanted to paint on the swing , so I tried yesterday to put bird houses and flowers on the back of the swing only to find out that it blurs to much for me to do the details. So after a good cry, talking with my oldest and realizing this is not the end I decided to sew pillows. I might get that done but really doubt it because I need to paint the bench today to give it time to dry for this afternoon
To some it might seem funny to be painting and fixing in the fall, But I can not handle heat at all. I also love to decorate for fall which is my favorite time of year (unless those dumb ladybugs are everywhere).lol So I hope as time goes on I will get everything , my oldest daughter Misty would say, mom don't worry you always do.....................and my youngest Kaydy, she  will help if I need her. Love my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 I got the swing and the frame painted now to paint on the bird houses...... I hope to start on that tonight, if all goes well. The family didn't think they would like the black but after they have seen it, they do!!! Now to the next step.......Hope to get the pics up soon.

On to other things. The garden has really came to an end......I didn't plant late crops this year my eyes have been giving me a little trouble. Macular Degeneration is no fun.....I guess that's why I want to do this swing. Funny of all things I have over come this is one that I can't control but then again it will not control me....If you have this I would love to hear from you. How your doing with day to day chores. Well everyone have a great day I'm off to do breakfast and then to work...
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