Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday on the farm

        Today got up at 3:30, not a surprise I've done it for years, lol I hardly ever have an alarm go off. Good thing I'm a farmers wife.

       The family will be coming over later for a fish fry. I was hoping to have the porch done but nope hit a snag...
I had wanted to paint on the swing , so I tried yesterday to put bird houses and flowers on the back of the swing only to find out that it blurs to much for me to do the details. So after a good cry, talking with my oldest and realizing this is not the end I decided to sew pillows. I might get that done but really doubt it because I need to paint the bench today to give it time to dry for this afternoon
To some it might seem funny to be painting and fixing in the fall, But I can not handle heat at all. I also love to decorate for fall which is my favorite time of year (unless those dumb ladybugs are everywhere).lol So I hope as time goes on I will get everything , my oldest daughter Misty would say, mom don't worry you always do.....................and my youngest Kaydy, she  will help if I need her. Love my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
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