Sunday, November 10, 2013

Early thoughts of Christmas

 Just thinking it's about time to get going with little things I need to do. This year all my gifts will be home made. I can't say much because family reads this blog also. lol but a few things going to others is this clothes pin bag. I won't say to who but I'm sure she will use it.

this idea came from Visit    I love red work. I want this on an apron also. To cute. 
If your doing something please share.
This would look so good on a garden apron........ I do love aprons.
Well done for now everyone have a wonderful day!

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  1. You'll have to check out the apron ideas online that use a man's shirt..they are really cute. Then you can add your own touches!
    We did homemade this year as well. We made lots of bags of snowman soup to give out to the mail lady, to round out gifts and to little ones :) We made collage picture frames, handmade signs, and we did dishtowels with the story of how Christ used a towel to wash his disciples feet all the way down to how a woman should think of how a dishtowel is used loving to care for her family! We made homemade scrubs to give as gifts. I like the homemade side of Christmas :)


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