Sunday, December 29, 2013

Close to years end...

 2013 is going out with a winter flood. praise God it was a small one. The roads around us were closed but only for a short time. We will all be out by morning and the other end of the road should be clear also. I like being stuck in, pantry full and our little family not being able to go anywhere kind of nice..... Has everyone made their New Years pledges? I'm working on a few. Like most, paying off bills, but more things I would like to see happen around my home. A flower garden beside the house, lots of plants on the porch, and planting more shade trees to help cut down on using the air. I'm also working on a new blog and will be closing this one. I'm also taking down my facebook as well. I will let everyone know when I will have it open. I still have to move things over. Hope everyone has a good night.

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  1. I can say I'll miss your early morning comments and enthusiastic statuses on seeds and gardening on facebook!!
    My goal this year is that I'm no longer sailing oceans for folks that won't jump puddles for us. I've forgiven the years hurt simply because my heart needs that break but I'm not doing all the leg work anymore :) I also want to get more organized around here :)
    As for blogging..will look forward to your new blog and I use and I'm by no means able to give any advice lol as I have no clue on some of the things LOL
    Happy New Years!!


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