Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts of the year...

Some things could of been better but then again that would have made for a dull year. Some things I found out this year were:
  •  I love to hike, my knees don't but they will learn right along with the fat that needs to get off and walk by its self. I will hike.
  • I really do love to garden and even though I told hubby I need to cut back, once I got my first seed book this fall I knew I lied!
  • My kitchen really is more disorganized than I had thought, due to the fact that my daughter couldn't put up dishes without something falling out at Christmas. Guess I am a dish hoarder, I will work on that.
  • Clothes really do pile up if not done daily, the thought of a good laundry fairy was also a mind lie.
  • No matter how I try I will never be a June Cleaver, Hazel, or Betty on Father Knows Best. I will always be me which is fine and if on days I think of them I pray my coffee is strong and I just laugh and have another cup as the thought leaves my head.
  • I will work hard at my outside job, though most days I feel like they could care less, but at some point I have too. Pay capped for over 3 yrs, 25 yrs on the job....... still give it my best shot.
  • Husbands aren't easy to raise but feel like I have done a great job in the last 40 years with this one. I really do need to say thank you more often to him, look at it this way he puts up with me.
  • All my kids love coming home, so I done right by them my hugs
  • will go through the closet this year and get rid of the (maybe by next fall clothes) all women know what I mean.
  • Going gray is fine, I earned every one, and to those who say (I'll never be gray) that's fine, but don't judge me thinking I don't care about my looks I do.........My hubby thinks I look pretty hot, and that's all that counts to me.
  • All in all a great year!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love this man

        With every new change in your life it seems you have to give up or pass up something.  Sometimes something you were holding very dear to your heart. I thought my children were my life, but have come to realize that this man standing beside me is, for better or worse we are it. Our children mean everything to us, but like all things you hold dear you have to let them go. Our children have become wonderful adults, and they know we love them and are there for them every minute.
       40 years together is a great accomplishment, and I have learned so much on marriage, the give and the take. It has not always been easy, we both have had our moments of shame, our moments of pain, and our moments of growth. Now to learn to be just me...not easy after giving birth at 15 and having children in our home for 40 years. But I'm a new story will begin.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who is that man in my living room??

     As I set typing and thinking of my family and how much I hate this empty nest thing, I have to take my eldest daughters thought into play. Misty told me, mom maybe you should take this time to get to know dad and dad know you. How funny that something so smart can come from us...... She is right, the thing I miss most with the kids gone is , the talking over every little thing, yelling at the top of our lungs, and just someone here. I never really thought how much I paid attention to the kids as we placed each other on the side line as we raised them. I think we both just slid into roles of mom and dad, and put (us) as a after thought always thinking we will have our time. Well this is our time. No more worrying about empty nest just blessed we raised them the best we knew how. Now is time for us. As the story unfolds I think my blog will go toward more (who is that man beside me?) and the changes that are taking place, one of which is after kids now what do we talk about? Also what is so much fun in that garage. lol

Friday, March 21, 2014

moved to wordpress

After being Hacked and having so much trouble I have decided to close this blog, I did start a a new one so please if you liked me here, follow me on there . My page looks kind of empty.. :) Thanks for all those who have helped me in the past I thank you a lot.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring in the air

      Rough start to the weekend, sick with fever for over3 days and every bone hurt, it broke this morning and as the day went on it even got better. 
      The geese have landed.............spring! Our 4 ducks that fly in every year have landed. They will raise their young on the pond, then fly off again until next spring. Plus the sun was shining all day and a little fishing was in order. I had a blast. Hope you all had just as good of day.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blog Help Needed

Please does anyone know a better blog user then I am having nothing but trouble out of it. I'm ready to junk this whole thing...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  should I trash the whole thing and start a whole new account ?
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