Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who is that man in my living room??

     As I set typing and thinking of my family and how much I hate this empty nest thing, I have to take my eldest daughters thought into play. Misty told me, mom maybe you should take this time to get to know dad and dad know you. How funny that something so smart can come from us...... She is right, the thing I miss most with the kids gone is , the talking over every little thing, yelling at the top of our lungs, and just someone here. I never really thought how much I paid attention to the kids as we placed each other on the side line as we raised them. I think we both just slid into roles of mom and dad, and put (us) as a after thought always thinking we will have our time. Well this is our time. No more worrying about empty nest just blessed we raised them the best we knew how. Now is time for us. As the story unfolds I think my blog will go toward more (who is that man beside me?) and the changes that are taking place, one of which is after kids now what do we talk about? Also what is so much fun in that garage. lol

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