Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love this man

        With every new change in your life it seems you have to give up or pass up something.  Sometimes something you were holding very dear to your heart. I thought my children were my life, but have come to realize that this man standing beside me is, for better or worse we are it. Our children mean everything to us, but like all things you hold dear you have to let them go. Our children have become wonderful adults, and they know we love them and are there for them every minute.
       40 years together is a great accomplishment, and I have learned so much on marriage, the give and the take. It has not always been easy, we both have had our moments of shame, our moments of pain, and our moments of growth. Now to learn to be just me...not easy after giving birth at 15 and having children in our home for 40 years. But I'm a new story will begin.

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