Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts of the year...

Some things could of been better but then again that would have made for a dull year. Some things I found out this year were:
  •  I love to hike, my knees don't but they will learn right along with the fat that needs to get off and walk by its self. I will hike.
  • I really do love to garden and even though I told hubby I need to cut back, once I got my first seed book this fall I knew I lied!
  • My kitchen really is more disorganized than I had thought, due to the fact that my daughter couldn't put up dishes without something falling out at Christmas. Guess I am a dish hoarder, I will work on that.
  • Clothes really do pile up if not done daily, the thought of a good laundry fairy was also a mind lie.
  • No matter how I try I will never be a June Cleaver, Hazel, or Betty on Father Knows Best. I will always be me which is fine and if on days I think of them I pray my coffee is strong and I just laugh and have another cup as the thought leaves my head.
  • I will work hard at my outside job, though most days I feel like they could care less, but at some point I have too. Pay capped for over 3 yrs, 25 yrs on the job....... still give it my best shot.
  • Husbands aren't easy to raise but feel like I have done a great job in the last 40 years with this one. I really do need to say thank you more often to him, look at it this way he puts up with me.
  • All my kids love coming home, so I done right by them my hugs
  • will go through the closet this year and get rid of the (maybe by next fall clothes) all women know what I mean.
  • Going gray is fine, I earned every one, and to those who say (I'll never be gray) that's fine, but don't judge me thinking I don't care about my looks I do.........My hubby thinks I look pretty hot, and that's all that counts to me.
  • All in all a great year!
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