Saturday, February 21, 2015

Looking back Forty Years

Forty years, to think back.
To a sawmill my dad owned and where all his children worked after school. Didn’t know that as I crossed that road and into the mill that day I would meet a boy, with a blond Dutch boy haircut, dark tan, and a smile that melted my heart for a life time. That was 41 1/2 years ago, a life time. When we married we knew things would be a challenge, I was going to have a baby, we both were in school and we both wanted to finish. Hubby did graduate that year, I finished 10th.  I didn’t graduate from my school, but 2 children later and while living in Alaska I got the job done. We grew up together, he had gone into the military to provide a living and we left our home. Together we braved new worlds to us, new people and new ways of life. It was not always easy, nor was everything fun and games. We did however continue to love one another, through sickness and through health, grow through every rough patch and forgive….for any marriage forgiveness is the key, we both have done things I’m sure neither one of us would want to admit, but at the end of the day I can look at this man, the man I love and still see the smile across his face when he sees me and as my face lights up to see him. We still hold hands, we still kiss goodbye, and hello, we still set side by side anywhere. The pizza hut lady thinks we’re a cute couple and hopes to be like us someday. We have become that couple that we use to say “someday honey we will be like that”. We are and proud of it. Happy Anniversary Honey!!jan10006
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