Sunday, March 29, 2015

My old meal planer

Thought this might help someone so thought I would post it.

When I had my kids around I use to use this as my meal planner. It worked out great and I kept it on the fridge. As you can see I made out a meal menu for 31 days. I then cut those out and placed them on the back of some luggage tags I got at dollar tree. I also bought matching file dividers and picture corners to hold things on my planner board. Then I put it all together and placed it on my fridge. I did ask what everyone liked and made things on the weekend to help get a start for the menu during the week, because I worked full time.

 I could always move meals around to fit what was on sale for that week if I needed to but most of all I shopped for main food once a month and picked up sale items only during the month. If I had to pay full price then I wouldn't get it. Now with just the two of us I put it away, time for something new.
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