Saturday, March 21, 2015

Porch tales

Sitting on my back porch/ front porch because this is the only way into our house. All good friends and family enter our home in my warmest welcome….the kitchen. I know you’re thinking it, no my dishes aren’t always done, but then again these are friends, they came to see me. The porch is a little cool yet, high today is headed for the 60’s so I want to work on getting it ready to enjoy. As you can see it is bare from winters rest, most plants are still in their slumber, but some are peeking out their heads. There is lots to do to make it feel warm and to welcome.

The sounds are wonderful, birds are singing. The leaves are blowing lightly across the porch, seems like everything is welcoming the onset of spring. I can see a fish splash on the pond from time to time and can’t wait to have our race to see who beats who. I have miss placed my favorite rod, or someone needed it worst then me. We will see.

As I have said in the past we (I) am changing my wants and needs are getting very simple. This year I will not raise chickens, I have given a lot of thought to it and at this time I’ve given them to a good home and if I want any I can have their off spring at any time. The coop will become a garden shed and the fence will be used as a trellis for garden plants. Hubby put a lot of work into my coop and I will still use it with pride.

Well this morning is passing fast, my tea is gone and I need to get busy. I hope everyone enjoyed my porch talk, enjoy your day.
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