Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday rest, love this day!

Many times over the years I have dreaded Sunday, the race of it, fixing breakfast, getting everyone out the door, sitting in church, coming home fixing lunch, cleaning up only to turn around and fix supper,then showers and bed.............I hated it, was wore out all day.Not that the the labor was hard but that I had no (rest) in my day.  Now my family knows and has learned that I don't do any cooking after noon on Sunday. There is always a big lunch so left overs or what ever is on the menu after that. They can eat when they are hungry, clean off their plate and put it in the dishwasher.......I don't do dishes after lunch I enjoy my afternoon. I love to read, fish or just play in the garden. It gives me peace of mind at the end of my day. My niece Desnikka had posted this at one time and I so agree.

Everyone keeps the Sabbath in different ways, and that is between each of us and the Lord. For me I'm soaring when ever I can. For this I thank the Lord always!!!!!!!!!! He renews my soul !!!!!!! Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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