Saturday, April 25, 2015

The yard is blooming!!!

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Love Sunday, rest

Many times over the years I have dreaded Sunday, the race of it, fixing breakfast, getting everyone out the door, sitting in church, coming home fixing lunch, cleaning up only to turn around and fix supper, then showers and bed………….I hated it, was wore out all day.Not that the the labor was hard but that I had no (rest) in my day.  Now my family knows and has learned that I don’t do any cooking after noon on Sunday. There is always a big lunch so left overs or what ever is on the menu after that. They can eat when they are hungry, clean off their plate and put it in the dishwasher…….I don’t do dishes after lunch I enjoy my afternoon. I love to read, fish or just play in the garden. It gives me peace of mind at the end of my day. My niece Desnikka had posted this at one time and I so agree.

Everyone keeps the Sabbath in different ways, and that is between each of us and the Lord. For me I’m soaring when ever I can. For this I thank the Lord always!!!!!!!!!! He renews my soul !!!!!!! Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got the cherry trees moved. I love these trees, the cherries are sweet and they bring back great memories. The first time I picked this kind of cherry, I was at my sisters. Later on her grandma Teen,( husbands side) I know I’m not spelling it right but it’s been a few years… let me dig up a tree at her house, I’ve giving starts of this tree to friends  for years…… it. I can just see them wild when I’m gone along with the other things I’ve planted over the years. At some point some lady will slam on her brakes and pop her trunk, grab that shovel and before you know it she has jumped that fence, out in the field just a digging!!!!!!!! That’s my spirit coming out happy as a lark just hoping she gets all she wants!!!!! Yes, that could be me any time sister!!!!! My shovel is always handy……
This past couple of weeks I  have been busy at work, going in early and wore out by the time I got home.  Three days sound nice but they will go very fast and I will be back in my car pulling out again, but for now time to garden between raindrops. I’ve been working on the side yard, removed bushes, placed in rock and setting up my hot bed. I’ll have fresh salad in no time!!!! My asparagus  is up and I will do my first cutting in a few days. Garlic is showing it’s greens and not to be left out are the herbs coming back looks like all of them I planted made it through the winter. Planting a few more this year.

My old meal planner

Thought this might help someone so thought I would post it.
When I had my kids around I use to use this as my meal planner. It worked out great and I kept it on the fridge. As you can see I made out a meal menu for 31 days. I then cut those out and placed them on the back of some luggage tags I got at dollar tree. I also bought matching file dividers and picture corners to hold things on my planner board. Then I put it all together and placed it on my fridge. I did ask what everyone liked and made things on the weekend to help get a start for the menu during the week, because I worked full time.

 I could always move meals around to fit what was on sale for that week if I needed to but most of all I shopped for main food once a month and picked up sale items only during the month. If I had to pay full price then I wouldn’t get it. Now with just the two of us I put it away, time for something new.

Sittin on the porch

Sitting on my back porch/ front porch because this is the only way into our house. All good friends and family enter our home in my warmest welcome….the kitchen. I know you’re thinking it, no my dishes aren’t always done, but then again these are friends, they came to see me. The porch is a little cool yet, high today is headed for the 60’s so I want to work on getting it ready to enjoy. As you can see it is bare from winters rest, most plants are still in their slumber, but some are peeking out their heads. There is lots to do to make it feel warm and to welcome.
quilt 039
The sounds are wonderful, birds are singing. The leaves are blowing lightly across the porch, seems like everything is welcoming the onset of spring. I can see a fish splash on the pond from time to time and can’t wait to have our race to see who beats who. I have miss placed my favorite rod, or someone needed it worst then me. We will see.
As I have said in the past we (I) am changing my wants and needs are getting very simple. This year I will not raise chickens, I have given a lot of thought to it and at this time I’ve given them to a good home and if I want any I can have their off spring at any time. The coop will become a garden shed and the fence will be used as a trellis for garden plants. Hubby put a lot of work into my coop and I will still use it with pride.
Well this morning is passing fast, my tea is gone and I need to get busy. I hope everyone enjoyed my porch talk, enjoy your day.
I’ve been moving things like crazy, getting things put together, getting rid of things I no longer use nor want. I didn’t realize how much junk I had until I started cleaning closets,drawer,and cabinets. I got this one done, now all my baking and seasoning is together.Looks so much better, even my youngest said she loved how the kitchen looked. On to the next think. lol

Happy Anniversary!

Forty years, to think back.
To a sawmill my dad owned and where all his children worked after school. Didn’t know that as I crossed that road and into the mill that day I would meet a boy, with a blond Dutch boy haircut, dark tan, and a smile that melted my heart for a life time. That was 41 1/2 years ago, a life time. When we married we knew things would be a challenge, I was going to have a baby, we both were in school and we both wanted to finish. Hubby did graduate that year, I finished 10th.  I didn’t graduate from my school, but 2 children later and while living in Alaska I got the job done. We grew up together, he had gone into the military to provide a living and we left our home. Together we braved new worlds to us, new people and new ways of life. It was not always easy, nor was everything fun and games. We did however continue to love one another, through sickness and through health, grow through every rough patch and forgive….for any marriage forgiveness is the key, we both have done things I’m sure neither one of us would want to admit, but at the end of the day I can look at this man, the man I love and still see the smile across his face when he sees me and as my face lights up to see him. We still hold hands, we still kiss goodbye, and hello, we still set side by side anywhere. The pizza hut lady thinks we’re a cute couple and hopes to be like us someday. We have become that couple that we use to say “someday honey we will be like that”. We are and proud of it. Happy Anniversary Honey!!jan10006

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