Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cherry tree moved, things blooming

We got the cherry trees moved. I love these trees, the cherries are sweet and they bring back great memories. The first time I picked this kind of cherry, I was at my sisters. Later on her grandma Teen,( husbands side) I know I'm not spelling it right but it's been a few years... let me dig up a tree at her house, I've giving starts of this tree to friends  for it. I can just see them wild when I'm gone along with the other things I've planted over the years. At some point some lady will slam on her brakes and pop her trunk, grab that shovel and before you know it she has jumped that fence, out in the field just a digging!!!!!!!! That's my spirit coming out happy as a lark just hoping she gets all she wants!!!!! Yes, that could be me any time sister!!!!! My shovel is always handy......
This past couple of weeks I  have been busy at work, going in early and wore out by the time I got home.  Three days sound nice but they will go very fast and I will be back in my car pulling out again, but for now time to garden between raindrops. I've been working on the side yard, removed bushes, placed in rock and setting up my hot bed. I'll have fresh salad in no time!!!! My asparagus  is up and I will do my first cutting in a few days. Garlic is showing it's greens and not to be left out are the herbs coming back looks like all of them I planted made it through the winter. Planting a few more this year.
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