Monday, August 10, 2015

Once a chicken keeper, always a chicken keeper

    I'm getting so excited, this Wednesday my new chicks ship out.  I have 25 coming, can't wait to meet them. They are all breeds that I have never had, so that's exciting on it's own.  I had just took a break this past year after keeping them for 25, guess they have won my heart....I will have to get the hen house up to par! (see poor chicken coop in some pics below,lol)
    The kids all came for the weekend with their families, I love get to gathers. Kaydy had hung water balloons from the tree limbs and the kids big and small had fun busting them.

Then off on the rides they went....

I love it when everyone comes to ma-maws and pap-paws house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great day!!!
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